Bergen's Appliance Repairs in Durbanville was established in (date), and covers the Durbanville area and out lying towns within reason, and will travel at R3-50 per km. This branch is owned by L.P. Vos & Tobie Coetzee and the manager is Michelle.

'(Quote from manager relating to being part of the Bergen's team)', says (Manager).

Bergen's uses drivers to collect appliances in Durbanville. This allows technicians more time to focus solely on appliance repairs. Bergen's offers customers two options. The first option is to collect white appliances and give the customer a quote. If the quote is not accepted, the appliance is returned free of charge. (This paragraph to be a unique bit about Bergen's with specific reference to the area.)

Please feel free to contact the branch on the details below, or through our Contact Form.

Bergen's Durbanville
Shop 11
Ipic Shopping Centre
Cnr Aurora and Burton Streets
Aurora, Durbanville
Tel: (021)801 4433      
Tel: (021)976 6599
Cell: 084 491 1444 
Manager: Michelle
Owner: L.P. Vos & Tobie Coetzee
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